We introduce a new RF metal label to effectively protect metallic merchandise!

Historically, hardware items like paint tins, drill bits and wrenches, as well as food and beauty products packaged in metallic materials, like foil and cans, have been difficult to protect without using defensive tactics, such as display cabinets. This is because the metallic material on such products absorbs the RF energy, making it harder to detect items passing out of the store.

With over 50 years’ experience developing innovative solutions that meet the demands of retailers around the world, Checkpoint has developed a unique security label specifically for metallic items.

Delivering a shrink reduction of up to 50% during trials with leading US and European retailers, the Checkpoint RF Metal™ Label will give retailers even more options when it comes to protecting metallic items.



Protecting at-risk items

During a series of trials at retailers around the world, the RF Metal Label delivered incredible results – reducing shrinkage across all product types, including canned tuna, baby formula, deodorants, face creams and foil-lined coffee products. Over a six-week period, one line saw shrinkage reduce by as much as 85% by simply applying the new label, while shrink was at least halved on most other products.

The Metal Label can be quickly applied in-store or at source and can be used on most metallic objects to create a strong visual deterrent. It will give retailers peace of mind that their at-risk items can now be displayed in prime positions whilst still being protected. And, importantly, it will not impact the customer experience, with the small label having minimal effect on the visual appearance of products.