i.EKA Fiscal Solutions

Together with leading retail and fiscal technology providers, Neto Baltic presents iFiscal smart fiscalization suite.

iFiscal suite helps retailers to comply with the latest i.EKA regulations. i.EKA is a new subsystem for smart tax administration, developed by the Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate. With the launch of i.EKA, cash registers and POS terminals will require to submit operational data to the new system.

iFiscal covers the full scope of i.EKA requirements. The iFiscal suite includes full set of fiscal services (EKJ, fiscal receipt, counters, Z report), a physical or virtual security module, a module for fiscal data transfer or virtual fiscalization.

iFiscal offers different solution architecture versions for retailers of various sizes – from a single cash register, to a large retail chain.

i.eka sprendimai

iFiscal Suite

iFiscal offers the widest and most flexible range of smart fiscalization solutions for i.EKA compliance.  View product