Zebra Products

Zebra Technologies is a global company whose products are providing innovative solutions in more than 100 countries all over the world. Zebra is now a leading brand in barcode printers, barcode scanners, RFID technology, handheld computers and many more.

Neto Baltic is an official Zebra Technologies partner in the Baltic states.

Zebra Mobile Computers

Zebra mobile computers are employed by logistics, warehousing, transportation, retail and healthcare professionals all overl... View product
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Zebra RFID Printers

Zebra RFID printer range is designed to fit the needs of all organization types and... View product

Zebra RFID antennas

RFID antennas enable real-time asset tracking. Zebra antennas with RAIN RFID technology are capable to... View product

Zebra Fixed RFID Readers

Fixed RFID readers enable real-time tracking of store items, materials or manufacturing components. When employed... View product

Zebra Handheld RFID Readers

Zebra handheld RFID readers are designed for logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, retail and healthcare enviroments. Pick... View product