Anti-static RF labels designed to be auto applied at source

Auto apply @Source

Our auto apply labels are designed to be applied at high speed at point of manufacture. Protected with our anti-static charge design, items arrive in store already protected with live RF labels. Our range of RF labels for beers wines and spirits are designed to either be hand applied in store or auto applied at source.

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710 BIL

(34mm x 39mm)

Designed and developed to meet the challenges associated with high speed automatic applications in the beverage tagging market, the 710 BIL features improved ESD tolerance compared whilst being thin enough for covert application under brand labels.


(49mm x 27mm)

The RF 2815 EP Health and Beauty label offers great performance in all the usual metrics. Using our EP platform means we can offer great performance with smaller sized labels.

One of our most popular Source Tagging labels, the 2815 EP H&B label is great fit for all Hand Apply and both low and high speed automatic application, and is used widely by Health and Beauty vendors and CPG’s.


(40mm x 40mm)

Utilising the patented Checkpoint Static Guard technology the 410AA is ideally suited for use in any high speed automatic application environment. Used for tagging beverages, electronic goods, and CPG goods, amongst others, the 410AA is a very popular choice for vendors or retailers needing the performance offered the 4×4 circuit design.

2933 Black Lock

(33mm round)

The 2933 is the first of our labels to be offered with the trademarked black lock logo, proven to deter theft, reduce shrink, improve on shelf availability and increase sales, in conjunction with a visible tagging program. The clear label format provides aesthetically pleasing protection without brand degradation and is suitable for high speed @Source Integration.


(15mm x 52mm)

The 3710 EP Micro Cosmetic Label is an anti-theft solution that can increase merchandise protection without decreasing brand visibility, and by using our Micro EP platform we ensure the best performance from the smallest RF labels.

Among RF-EAS solutions this is the narrowest RF label in the world and is a natural fit for high-profile, high-risk open merchandised items such as eye and lip liners, lotions and perfumes, jewelry and small electronics—where ordinary labels would obscure branding and turn off customers.

To protect your merchandise and your brand, the choice is clear.


(23mm x 25mm)

The 2410 Micro EP PST Label is the world’s smallest RF label. It is ideal for protecting small high-risk items such as cosmetics, consumer packaged goods, and other accessories from theft. Utilising our Micro EP platform we can achieve the best performance from the smallest RF labels, making the Checkpoint Micro range truly unique in the market place.


(28mm round)

Checkpoint’s 2928 EP Clear Micro Tamper Tag is a very small, clear RF EAS label that guarantees enhanced performance protection. It features a visible circuit with black lock image for strong visual and theft deterrence. It also has a clear window space that simultaneously protects brand and product information on packaging.

The 2928 EP Clear Micro Tamper Tag’s unique size allows for use on virtually any type of product. Tamper-resistant adhesive adds to the protection, securing the label permanently to the packaging. When combined with custom tamper-proof printing, this label can be used to combat Organized Retail Crime and resale. Checkpoint has a solution for virtually every product-protection need, and supports in-store application as well as source-tagging at the point of manufacture.