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Our bottle cap protection portfolio has been designed to bring security, ease of use, and aesthetics to the forefront. Find the ideal solution for nearly every size bottle.



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The Adjustable Bottle Collar encourages open display and increased sales with merchandise safely accessible to customers.  This combines a strong visual deterrent with maximum efficiency and adjustability.

  • Designed to be applied and removed with one hand
  • Rubber lining helps secure the collar as well as protect the bottle’s labels and foil
  • Robust key locator makes removing the product intuitive
  • Pain points under the collar deter prying
  • The adjustable fit will accommodate a wide array of bottle neck sizes
  • Requires Super XT Key or Checkpoint Super Lock Detacher
  • Available in both AM and RF
  • Reusable

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For aesthetic and strong security, this clear cap is available in four sizes for the perfect fit and coverage.

The clear design of the Crystal Guard® bottle cap provides a high level of benefit denial security and attractive merchandising.

  • Cap offers a strong visual deterrent and benefit denial protection
  • Pain points under the base deter improper prying
  • Clear top provides a clean product display and easy viewing of product labels
  • Comes in small, large, extra large and tall sizes

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The S3 Bottle Cap has been a market leader for more than ten years. Quick and easy application and removal allow for maximum efficiency at the store level. The prominent black cap provides both a strong visual deterrent and benefit denial to any would-be thief.

  • Cap provides benefit denial security; protecting merchandise against unauthorized use
  • Available in small, large and extra large sizes ensuring the perfect fit and maximum protection
  • Easy to apply and remove

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Strong enough to provide maximum protection where needed.

Created to protect lower-risk merchandise, this versatile solution features a strong, metal strap for maximum protection and a small, sleek profile for minimal impact to your product display.

  • Provides a strong visual deterrent
  • Easy and intuitive to use and remove for minimal disruption at the POS
  • Available in both large and extra large sizes to fit more than 90% of the wine and spirit market

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Versa Guard’s innovative design provides the strongest protection and the fastest application and removal.

Alpha’s Versa Guard™ provides excellent versatility, optimal merchandising and benefit denial security. With both small and large options, the attractive Versa Guard will fit most spirit bottles on the market. Ease of application and removal makes in-store operations quick and intuitive.

  • 1 Alarm or 3 Alarm
  • Ease of use and strong security ensure the cap delivers and impressive ROI
  • Small and large size options will protect most bottles in the spirit market
  • Improved design withstand defeat
  • Specifically designed to make application and removal fast and easy — can be done with one hand
  • Vast increase in efficiency when handling multiple bottles at one time
  • Reusable

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