Flexible yet secure protection allows for open display and increased sales.



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Flexible merchandising while maintaining dependable security.

The versatility and portability of the 2 and 3 Alarm CableLoks have made open merchandising easier and more flexible than ever. Each CableLok® features seven strand aircraft cable, flashing LED and an amplified alarm for the ultimate in security no matter the application.




  • Available in both 2 and 3 Alarm
  • Long lasting Lithium battery
  • Amplified 95 dBA alarm
  • Overcomes safety hazards by eliminating hard-wired security
  • Choose the 6” or 48” lanyard for the ideal fit
  • Available in AM, RF, and RFID
  • Battery powered RFID chip provides a stronger transmission and helps prevent body shadowing

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The next generation of our Mini CableLoks has made open merchandising easier and more seamless than ever. Big protection wrapped in a small, elegant package make this solution the perfect option for securing a wide variety merchandise.





  • Attractive landscape design
  • 7×7 strand aircraft grade cable
  • Improved sound chamber
  • 95+ dBA alarm
  • Flashing LED light
  • Tough, secure and reusable

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This solution combines the strong and flexible security of our CableLoks with an adjustable cable allowing you to customize the protection for a wide variety of merchandise.









  • 7×7 strand aircraft-grade cable for maximum protection
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 95 dBA alarm
  • Overcomes safety hazards by eliminating hard-wired security
  • Multiple, adjustable lanyard sizes are available to fit your needs. Two adjustable cable lengths – 6″ and 18″

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The Cinch Wrap is a tough, nylon wrap that fits difficult-to-protect products. This flexible solution will fasten snugly to large or unwieldy merchandise and it offers a visual deterrent to thieves. The reusable Cinch Wrap is very simple to apply and remove.







  • Comes in 7” and 9” lengths that fit a wide variety of products
  • 1 Alarm will activate EAS gates
  • Tough nylon material provides excellent protection
  • Reusable, one-piece design
  • Easy application and removal at checkout

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