Checkpoint deactivation pad

With Checkpoint’s non-contact deactivation pads, retailers can protect merchandise without increasing the customer’s wait at checkout to remove or manually detune the security tag.

Checkpoint’s deactivation pads automatically deactivate disposable security tags as merchandise is passed over the pad, through the deactivation field. The large field, made possible with radio-frequency technology, assures that each tag is deactivated successfully. Customers are unaware that the entire process has taken place. Checkpoint deactivation pads provide retailers with safe, easy and effective deactivation for protected store merchandise.

Ask about Checkpoint deactivation pad

  • Can be mounted on top or underneath the counter at the cash-wrap area
  • Deactivation is quick, reliable and effortless
  • Constructed of durable ABS plastic
  • Will not damage credit, bank or ATM cards

Size: 31.7cm x 31.7cm x 1.2cm

Material: ABS Plastic

Color: Grey