Checkpoint HALO RFID Software

RFID software unites RFID tags and devices into a unified business intelligence network.

RFID software provides real-time monitoring of stock levels and item movement. It transforms business operations by allowing for smooth and efficient customer service, order processing or item security and theft prevention.

Usually RFID software will deliver full ROI in the first 12 months of operation.

Discover the full benefits of Checkpoint HALO software ecosystem for retail.

With HALO software, clients reported:

  • 4% increase in sales
  • 90% reduction of out-of-stock incidents
  • 99% accuracy in tracking stock levels
  • 75% reduction in inventorization time

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Store inventory management solution helps to track items throughout their full journey.

  • Tag items prior shipping
  • Adding items into store inventory
  • Counting items in stock
  • Easy stock search
  • Restocking items
  • Item tracking at checkout
  • Item reservations
  • Ecommerce shipment handling




Solution for distribution centers ensures that items will not get lost along the way and would reach their destination faster.

  • Shipment tagging upon arrival to the distribution center
  • Tagging for further shipments
  • Tagging for packaging
  • Shipping




Solution for suppliers help to track the items throughout the full logistics lifecycle.

  • Tagging for shipments
  • Packing for shipments
  • Rework for shipments
  • Sending shipments