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Checkpoint Fixed RFID Readers

Checkpoint is a global leader in retail security solutions.

Discover fixed place Checkpoint RFID readers built for retail enviroments.

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Wirama Overhead 2.0 system is designed for apparel and fashion retail enviroments.

The system combines two unique RFID benefits:

  • Real-time inventory and item movement throughout the store
  • Product security at the store exit

OH-2 system can be employed jointly with traditional EAS – Electronic Article Surveillance – platform. Alternatively, OH-2 RFID can be used on its own as the only security measure.

Wirama can process a large number of stock items at the entrance. The product range covers large entrances – up to 7.2 meters in width and up to 4.27 meters in height.

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Wirama RFID Underfloor system is employed under the floor of store entrance.

With Checkpoint Wirama RadarTM technology, the platform can detect the movement direction of RFID tag (into the store, out of the store, along the store door). Depending on movement type, the platform can accurately identify item theft.

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SFERO is a modular Electronic Article Surveillance platform, which utilizes RFID technology. SFERO combines security gate antennas, overhead and underfloor solutions. By combining different antenna types, a store enviroment of any size and type can be protected. Elegant SFERO design ensures that the system will blend in even in premium retail enviroments.

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