Hyperguard is the premium product designed to detect booster bags in hypermarkets. Booster bags are used to shield detection of tags and thereby to not activate the EAS alarm, when leaving the retail store with stolen goods. It also includes trolley and door filters to eliminate the false alarms.

Hyperguard can be integrated into existing antennas or installed as stand-alone. The antenna pcb can be integrated into RF EAS systems. Each controller will automatically adjust itself, according to AM or RF EAS environments.

With over 100 00 antennas installed worldwide, product is widely used by all type of retailers.

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Hyperguard features:

  • Metaldetection: Metalguard detects all booster bags, both build as bags, jackets, pockets and baby strollers.
  • Door filter: The door filter allows installations starting from 70cm away from the moving door. This will eliminate any false alarm from moving doors.
  • Trolley filter: The trolley filter allows installations in environments with shopping trolleys passing the metal detection, without any alarm.

Benefits of using Hyperguard:

  • Detecting booster bags at entrance, before the booster bag is used for theft
  • Deterrence and avoiding organized retail crime in the retail shopping environment
  • Avoiding employee confrontations with organized retail crime.

The ROI for the retailers, is in general less than 12 months. Less than 5 booster bag apprehensions will match the cost of a Metalguard installation.

Antenna distances:

12cm antenna: Metal detection, maximum distance 2.00 meters

18cm antenna: Metal detection, maximum distance 2.40 meters

24cm antenna: Metal detection, maximum distance 3.00 meters

EAS integration: Integration into RF antennas is also an option. Aisles distance is depending on antenna width.