RF food safe labels for grocery

Our RF label range for grocery are both food and microwave safe with ISEGA and TUV certifications safeguarding consumers and retailers alike. Working with food manufacturers and grocery retailers, we adapt our solutions to be integrated in packaging @source as well as hand applied in store.

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Deli 7310

(57mm x 73mm)

Developed specifically to work in the printers found at delicatessen counters the 7310 features direct thermal face paper and our thinnest RF circuit, to mitigate the print issues normally seen with this application. By combining the RF circuit with the price label we can integrate into the existing store process, protecting the goods whilst saving retailers time and money.


(37mm x 42mm)

The 4210 EP Food Label is the world’s smallest food-safe RF label, providing optimal protection without endangering customers or product.

Specifically designed for fresh food applications, the 4210 range is offered with both food safe and microwave safe certification, giving our customers total piece of mind and mitigating the risks associated with using standard RF circuits with fresh food

It is easily integrated into price/scale labels for maximum protection, enabling food retailers to improve on-shelf availability.