Box Wrap

Retailers are looking for new solutions to protect easy to open boxes, underwear, boxed cosmetic / face creams and similar items, where thieves are opening the boxes and removing the contents.

The 2933 Box Wrap protects against item removal whilst simultaneously providing EAS protection and preventing tampering of the security label.

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Label Dimensions (WxH): 40×200 mm
Distance between labels (D): 2 mm
Liner Width (L) 44 mm / 1.73”
External Roll Diameter (ER): Ø 180 mm
Inner Core Diameter (IC): Ø 76.2 mm
Face Sheet: Clear PET
Adhesive: All Purpose Grade
Labels per roll: 500 Pcs
Labels per case: 6,000 Pcs (12 rolls)
Approx. Weight roll: 0.97 kg
Approx. Weight case: 12.6 kg