The popularity of self-checkout is growing every year. By developing the next-generation range of self-checkout products, Partner Tech aimed to address the most common issues that discourage shoppers from using self-checkout at the store.

Partner Tech self-checkouts:

  • Scan products faster and more precisely
  • Automatically recognize scanned items
  • Helps to scan bulk unpacked goods as simple as at the traditional checkout
  • Less hassle – smooth checkout experience and increased customer satisfaction

Partner Tech self-checkout ecosystem encompasses ergonomic self-checkout design, tools for remote checkout management and self-checkout software with advanced artificial intelligence solutions. Partner Tech self-checkout ecosystem includes:

  • Self-checkout hardware – Alfred and ACE self-checkouts
  • Self-checkout software
  • Software for remote self-checkout monitoring and management
  • Picklist Assistant – an Artificial Intelligence solution, which automatically recognizes bulk unpackaged items (fruit, vegetables etc.), eliminating the need for the shopper to manually look them up in the picklist menu.
  • Crime Predictor – an Artificial Intelligence solution, which mitigates checkout fraud (barcode switching, wrong product selection from the picklist, prevention of theft for unscanned items). 
  • Scan&Go solution, which works with the customers own mobile phone (Bring Your Own Device) and does not require any additional software for the retailer, nor for the end user.

Modular design of Partner Tech self-checkouts ensure that these products can be adapted for any store design or business scenario. Remote self-checkout monitoring tools, Artificial Intelligence and Scan&Go ‘out of the box’ ensure that these solutions will not only answer to today’s market trends, but will stay competitive well into the future.

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Modular Alfred system can be adapted to any type or any size store requirements. The system covers all self-checkout stages – weighing, scanning and payment. With its universal table-top mounting, Alfred is a great fit for small spaces. It is a great choice for bookstores, cosmetics retailers, petrol stations or small convenience stores.

Alfred self-checkout includes:

  • Video camera
  • Intelligent three-light indicator
  • All in one touch POS (5 year warranty)
  • Bagging area with security scale
  • Barcode scanner
  • Checkout scanner or EAS deactivation
  • EFT terminal*
  • Universal printer*
  • Hand scanner*
  • Note and coin recyclers*

 * Optional equipment 

With Alfred, these features are included ‘out-of-the-box’:








Ace system is aimed at grocery stores and large shopping centers. Ace platform is made to excel in a demanding environment with intensive customer traffic. Modern design with selection of custom colors makes Ace easily adaptable for any store interior. 

Key features:

  • Attractive contemporary design
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quality components
  • Easy to service
  • 15,6” or 21,6” touch screen interface
  • Retailer preferred POS printer and EMV terminals supported 

With Ace, these features are included ‘out-of-the-box’: