Smart Signage Series

Your One-Stop Solution for Smart Business Displays

BenQ smart signage is your one-stop all-in-one solution to enhance customer experiences for your business. Easy to install, operate, and manage without additional media devices, BenQ smart signage series simply makes doing business smarter.


  • Instant plug-and-play with built-in X-Sign software
  • 100+ templates for hassle-free content editing
  • Device management and content distribution via cloud
  • Slim and Stylish Design
  • Easy-to-Go Stand
  • 4K ultra-high definition resolution (3840 x 2160)

Ask about Smart Signage Series

The World’s First and Only PANTONE® Validated Digital Signage

Show off your content the way it’s meant to be seen. The Pantone Validated SL Series monitors —the first and only digital signage of its kind—guarantees on-screen color fidelity. When paired with BenQ’s Pantone Validated designer monitors, it provides an end-to-end solution that covers everything from content creation to deployment on displays.

PANTONE® Color Mode for Perfect Colors

As the world’s first Pantone Validated digital signage, the SL6502K’s Pantone mode ensures 100% color fidelity and consistency.

Cinema Mode for a Movie-like Experience

Cinema mode guarantees captivating images and motion pictures that are displayed in high-contrast and vibrant color, with added depth and dimension.

Photo Mode for Vivid Images

With Photo mode, you can appreciate images from any angle. It ensures realistic, vivid colors and details without oversaturation or picture distortion.

M-Book Mode for macOS Matching

Designers no longer need to adjust or convert content. The BenQ exclusive M-Book mode replicates how videos and images are displayed on macOS devices.

4K UHD Clarity

An ultra-high definition 4K2K (3840 x 2160) resolution offers not only an optimal viewing experience, but also four times more information and workspace than a 1080p Full HD display.

24/7 Non-stop Operation

The SL6502K has an amazing display lifespan of 50,000 hours, which makes it far more economical than any consumer model.

Displays in Any Orientation

BenQ smart signage displays are built to be displayed in either portrait or landscape view. This flexibility offers limitless possibilities when customizing physical displays.

Slim & Lightweight

The narrow bezel and lightweight design fits any in-store environment. It makes the SL6502K ideal as a mounted or portable retail display.

SL4302K 43″


  • Screen Size – 43″
  • Resolution (pixels)  – UHD 3840 x 2160
  • Active Area (mm) – 941.2(H) × 529.4 (V)

SL5502K 55″

  • Screen Size – 55″
  • Active Area (horizontal × vertical) – 1209.6 × 680.4
  • Resolution (pixels) – 3840 x 2160

SL6502K 65″

  • Screen Size – 65″
  • Active Area (horizontal × vertical) – 1428.5 x 803.5
  • Resolution (pixels)  – 3840 x 2160

SL7502K 75″

  • Screen Size – 75”
  • Resolution (pixels)  – UHD 3840 x 2160
  • Active Area  – 1649.7(H)*927.9(V)

SL8502K 85″

  • Screen Size – 85″
  • Resolution (pixels) – UHD 3840 x 2160
  • Active Area – 1872(H) x 1053(V)
All-in-One Solution for Retail Spaces of All Kinds

ST4301K is the ideal digital display solution for small businesses and corporations. It brings together a wide variety of features that further elevate the attractiveness of retail and corporate environments. The stunning 4K resolution helps to enhance customer engagement, while the iron frame that covers all sides of the signage provides a robust and sleek design that blends well into modern retail and corporate spaces. Additionally, the powerful X-Sign software facilitates effortless content creation and management, and MDA application guarantees hassle-free display control. The wide range of sizes and sleek design ensure that businesses and corporations can enjoy a consistent look that helps them establish strong brand or corporate images. Combining all the aforementioned features and benefits, ST4301K series is an all-in-one solution for modern businesses and corporations.

Android Built-In

Built-in Android means that the BenQ ST4301K is ready to work as soon as operators plug it in. There’s no need to hook it up to a PC or other device to serve content, and embedded speakers provide for the ST4301K’s audio needs.

USB Plug & Play

The ST4301K ‘s plug-and-play simplicity enables you to access and play multimedia files directly from a USB flash drive.

Wireless Solution for Seamless Collaboration

InstaShare is the software designed for seamless wireless presentation and collaboration during lectures. It allows the smooth streaming of visual, audio files and Full HD quality videos.

Flexible and Sleek Design for All Retail and Corporate Environments

Smart Signage series comes with a wide range of sizes, and an iron frame that covers all sides of the signage, ensuring a sleek and robust design that can provide a consistent look for retail and corporate spaces.

4K2K UHD Unparalleled Clarity

An ultra-high definition resolution of 4K2K (3840 x 2160) offers not only the most exquisite image details for an optimal viewing experience but also four times more information and workspace than a 1080p full HD display, enhancing your efficiency and productivity.

Lightweight Design

Our smart signage displays can be easily mounted or rearranged to suit diverse uses, which saves you plenty of costs and manpower on signage installation, and eventually facilitates different display configurations in stores, offices, and other commercial establishments.

X-Sign Designer

BenQ’s X-Sign 2.0 takes the hassle out of designing signage content. Included with ST4301K, BenQ’s exclusive X-Sign software provides content templates, making it easy for operators to quickly design and roll out new promotional material.

Hassle-Free Display Management

With cloud features, BenQ DMS combined Device Info and Management, Apps Management and OTA (Over-the-Air) Update to provide you an ultimate device management solution for your productivity.

ST4301K 43″

  • Screen Size – 43″
  • Active Area (horizontal × vertical)  – 941.2(H) x 680.4(V)
  • Resolution (pixels)  – UHD 3840 x 2160

ST5501K 55″

  • Screen Size – 55″
  • Active Area (Horizontal × Vertical)  – 1209.6 × 680.4
  • Resolution (pixels)  – UHD 3840 x 2160
The All-in-One Smart Choice for Business Big and Small

The 65-inch ST650K is the total package suitable for small business and corporate setting. It brings together a wide variety of features, including stunning 4K resolution for enhanced engagement, stylish slim design, X-Sign software for effortless content creation and management, and MDA application for hassle-free display control. On top of this, with the easy-to-use meeting solution Zoom, you can instantly connect your teams and clients without expensive infrastructure. It is the solution saving you time, efforts and resources all at once.

ST650K 65″

  • Screen Size – 65″
  • Active Area (horizontal × vertical) – 1428.4 × 803.5mm
  • Resolution (pixels)  – UHD 3840 x 2160
Winning Over Diverse Shoppers with Immersive Life-Size Imagery

In today’s digital world, ever-connected customers are overwhelmed with retailers fighting for their attention. The ST860K is the one-stop solution for helping retail businesses seize the attention of potential customers and engage existing ones. Boasting an ultra large 86 inch screen, ST860K is built to elevate store ambience and immerse shoppers in life-size 4K imagery. And with the built-in X-Sign content management software, the ST860K allows operators to create and deliver custom-tailored content across a global digital signage network while expending minimal resources.

ST750K 75″

  • Screen Size – 75”
  • Active Area (horizontal × vertical) – 1649.7 × 927.9mm
  • Resolution (pixels) – UHD 3840 x 2160

ST860K 86″

  • Screen Size – 86”
  • Active Area (horizontal × vertical) – 1895.0 × 1096.0mm
  • Resolution (pixels)  – UHD 3840 x 2160