UF-1 RFID Underfloor Antenna

Detect, Deter, Displace

As demand for an invisible in-store RFID solution is growing, Checkpoint’s UF-1 is uniquely positioned to advance floor based RFID EAS system performance to the next level. Using patented Checkpoint Wirama RadarTM technology, the underfloor RFID-enabled solution is able to identify the direction of a tag passing over the solution, whether into the store, out of the store, or along the door. It is also able to determine if an item is located nearby the exit or potentially being stolen – minimising false alarms.

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Ask about UF-1 RFID Underfloor Antenna

Suited to a wide array of projects, from those wanting aesthetically pleasing open entrances to where ceiling height simply prohibits the use of overheads, including:


required to remain obstacle free for movement of large objects (DIY centers)


governing the use of EAS pedestals across retail entrances


requiring special attention to design considerations, store aesthetics or corporate identity


The new UF-1 RFID is strong enough to be buried with top surface flush with slab concrete level but below finished floor surface or screed level without compromising the strength of the floor.