Crime Predictor

Crime Predictor is a computer vision-based system, which helps eliminate shopper cheating replacing expensive items with cheaper options at Self-Checkouts or regular POS.

At the time of purchase, a camera at the checkout catches the view of the item and compares it with an item image and barcode saved in the system. It automatically sends an alert to security personnel and notifies about the discrepancy, in case the image of the item and/or the barcode doesn‘t match.

Crime Predictor allows preventing the following most common shopper scams (cheating scenarios):

  • Replacing barcodes of pricey objects with those unlabeled (or newly printed barcode) from cheaper items;
  • Purchasing pricey items by declaring them as cheaper weighed products.

Ask about Crime Predictor

  • State-of-the-art image recognition
  • Fast and scalable image matching
  • “6 shots” image recognition
  • Train with an app or just scan with checkout
  • Self-learning mode can be enabled
  • User-friendly dashboard for security personnel, statistics
  • High-risk item selection
  • Grocery
  • DIY
  • Home Electronics
  • Convenience stores at Petrol Stations