Neto Baltic Retail Security

About us

Why should you trust your security systems to us?

Meet Neto Baltic, leading retail security experts in the Baltic states.

  • We feel there is a threshold between IT companies and security (including cabling) companies working with retail. Lack of holistic view and solving retailer problems approach. We, the team of Neto Baltic, have experienced a similar situation in 2004 between cash register companies and IT solutions and succeeded in overcoming the previous status quo. Therefore, we are more than capable of shaking the current situation in the retail security world. We are committed to being the mediator and real value provider in securing your stores and items.
  • Our in-depth knowledge and experience in Retail IT field, Smart Security applications, Self-Service, including Self-Checkout, technologies, Auto-ID, and RFID solutions enable us to be a valuable partner for retailers.

Your partner for Smart Security for Retail

Neto Baltic is a provider of Smart Security for Retail. The company founded back in 2000. However, roots of Electronic Article Surveillance lay back to 1994, when entities who seeded Neto Baltic already were selling and installing EAS systems in Baltics.

During the years Neto Baltic has evolved and now is the strong team of 20 retail security experts serving retailers with intelligent Electronic Article Surveillance together with a wide range of accessories, IP video systems for security and operational improvement, audio systems and all LAN infrastructure while opening or renewing stores in the Baltics.

Close co-operation with Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in merchandise visibility through all supply chain, opens news horizons on how Baltic retailers can benefit from Neto Baltic solutions and services. Checkpoint Systems has a close dialogue through the user groups and education sessions with many global retailers where they address the topics of self-service security, open display, shrinkage, sales increase or decrease correlation. Such discussions lead to product development innovations and in some of such sessions, Neto Baltic security experts are also participating.

Understanding that only well-performing systems deliver expected value, service and maintenance is an essential part of our deliverables. We do provide the systems’ service for our customers, no matter installed by us or the legacy deployed by other companies. This approach helps to protect investments once made by retailers.

Neto Baltic has all the skills and experience to be a valuable innovation partner for retailers in RFID, self-service security, and item protection at source. A new generation of Electronic Article Surveillance systems will provide superior experience and connectivity both for retailers and for their consumers, while expertise in supervising and maintaining installed video systems base reduces pain and costs for retail organizations.

Our mission

  • To help retailers to decrease losses in combination with excellent customer service and profitable sales growth
  • To help managers of various positions within retail companies to make well-informed decisions and collaborate – to maximize the benefits for their organizations in security, fraud prevention, and customer service.

Our vision

  • To become #1 choice for retailers in Baltics, when they seek for the best utilization of technology to control retail crime, increase sales, serve customer best possible way and improve the bottom line.
  • To be a leading player in Baltics for Self Service Security, RFID and Source Tagging solutions.


Our history in short

  • We started to sell Meto security systems and labeling tools back in 1994 within the companies which later seeded Neto Baltic. Moreover, we have been Sensormatic/ADT partner in Lithuania from 1997 to 2000 to bring the first advanced retail security CCTV systems to grocery retail;
  • In 2000 strategic decision was made. We’ve founded Neto Baltic in 3 Baltic countries and decided to focus on strategic co-operation with Checkpoint Systems for retail security and stopped other vendor partnership. The company was established on May 24th, 2000, as Checkpoint System Inc. representative in the Baltics and owned by New Vision group;
  • On 2000–2008 Neto Baltic has been establishing the standard for RF systems to be used in supermarkets together with leading Baltic grocery retailers. The period indicates a future enabler for source tagging;
  • Neto Baltic was incorporated as a line of business into the mother company New Vision Baltija/StrongPoint during 2009 – 2016. It restarted as an independent company again from spring 2017 and is dedicated to providing Smart Security Solutions for modern Retailers;
  • Neto Baltic Board of Directors and Management as of 2019 consists of Rokas Budvilaitis, Linas Švaikauskas, Karl Lust and Evaldas Budvilaitis.
  • The company currently eploys 20+ retail security experts.