Source tagging in the Baltic States. What do I need to know?

Source tagging applies an RF/RFID security tag at the point of manufacturing, before the product arrives at the store. Source tagging is already commonplace among retailers in Western Europe. This year it is also gaining popularity in the Baltic States.

Amazon Abandons Just Walk Out Checkout. What’s Next For Autonomous Stores?

Amazon announced that it would phase out the Just Walk Out checkout model at its Fresh format stores. It will be replaced by smart shopping carts. Clearly the autonomous retail revolution failed to materialize. So what’s next for autonomous store technology?

Retail Trends in 2024: End of Barcodes and Pizza Vending Machines

The largest annual retail fair NRF 2024 commenced in New York. With more than 40.000 attendees, the event showcases innovations coming to a store near you. In this year’s spotlight – the evolution of AI products, boom of autonomous stores, smart store management solutions and vending 2.0.

Neto Baltic brings Checkpoint’s ItemOptix RFID product to retailers in the Baltic market

Retail technology and security solutions provider Neto Baltic has signed an agreement to distribute ItemOptix for Retail, the next generation RFID inventory management software by Checkpoint Systems. The agreement makes the deployment of the latest RFID inventory management software within the reach of retailers in the Baltic region. Neto Baltic will assist retailers at every step of the deployment journey, from initial project planning, to final deployments in the retailers’ stores.

Reducing paper waste with Electronic Shelf Labels: driving for sustainability, efficiency and better shopper experience

Since July in Lithuanian shopping malls plastic bags are no longer free-of-charge. The move aims to reduce the plastic waste generated by the retail sector. However, retail still generates a sizable amount of paper waste. Price labels, which are frequently changed during sales promotions, is one of the sources for paper waste in retail. Moves toward sustainable operations, better shopper experience, as well as growing labor costs drive retailers to adopt electronic shelf labels.

Retail loss prevention: how AI helps retailers to tackle rising shoplifting rates

With a spike in shoplifting incidents, retailers are turning to smart AI solutions by Neto Baltic and Agmis to prevent retail losses.

Checkpoint Systems’ antennas rolled out across Estonia through new agreement with the Tallinna Kaubamaja Group

One of the largest groups in the sphere of retail and wholesale trade in Estonia, the Tallinna Kaubamaja Group, has embarked on a project with Checkpoint Systems to roll out antennas within the group’s food retail offering, Kaubamaja – Toidumaailm (Food World). 

Stockmann relies on Checkpoint’s leading anti-theft solutions to protect their department store in Estonia

Stockmann, Northern Europe’s largest department store, has embarked on a project with Checkpoint Systems to roll out anti-theft and loss prevention solutions in its store in Estonia. The project was undertaken by Neto Baltic as an authorized Checkpoint partner in the Baltic region.

Checkpoint Systems and Partner Tech join forces to provide a next generation RFID SCO solution to the market

Checkpoint Systems has joined forces with POS solutions manufacturer, Partner Tech Europe, to develop the next generation of Self-Service Checkouts (SCOs) to enhance customer convenience and in-store security.