ItemOptix RFID Software

ItemOptix™ for Retail by Checkpoint Systems is an out-of-the-box RFID solution for retail inventory management. Based on market research and 20 years of RFID experience, Checkpoint Systems reimagined an RFID Inventory Management software to make it easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to adapt.

ItemOptix™ for Retail is RFID inventory management software to help retailers improve their stock accuracy, handle goods faster, and accelerate stock movement which leads to sales improvements and better consumer experiences across all channels.

ItemOptix™ for Retail covers every step of your product’s journey through your store, from receipt through restocking to sale.

ItemOptix for Retail can transform your operation and help deliver a positive impact on your stores:

  • High Inventory Accuracy leading to increased sales in both Physical & Digital stores.
  • Faster Handling of Goods which increases Staff Productivity
  • Quicker Discrepancy Resolution providing insights to drive down Loss
  • Accelerated Stock Movement leading to improved Cash Flow

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Featuring a mobile app and portal reporting experience which enables powerful RFID use cases designed to focus user’s attention on
the task at hand and a set of reports, giving your managers the visibility they need to maintain inventory accuracy.

The ItemOptix Portal UX is divided into Actionable and Informational reports, featuring a set of focused reports that give your managers the visibility they need to take action to improve their stores’ performance.












ItemOptix for Retail includes self-service features to support faster onboarding and ongoing system management.

ItemOptix for Retail includes Industry-standard REST APIs that make integration simple.












ItemOptix Mobile is built with extensibility in mind. Using our ItemOptix Mobile SDK, you can transform the look, customise the capabilities and/or consume what you want into your own mobile solution.