High-theft merchandise protection

Checkpoint’s Alpha High-Theft Solutions brand provides the most innovative and technically advanced products engineered to protect high-theft merchandise.

Expensive garment protection, solutions for alcohol and high-risk products in DIY stores as well as apparel e-commerce fraud prevention are only the fraction of range.

Product line is specifically designed to reduce theft, maximize merchandise availability, and drastically improve your ROI. Any theft is unacceptable.

RFID prekių apsaugos priemonės

RFID technologija leidžia automatiškai atpažinti ir sekti prie prekių pritvirtintus žymeklius. View product


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electro-magnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects.... View product

Hard tags

Uncompromising security, ease-of-use and aesthetics View product


Flexible yet secure protection allows for open display and increased sales View product

Keys/ detachers

Ergonomic, versatile and easy to use View product

Spider Wraps

These strong, expandable cables protect a wide range of medium to large-sized merchandise View product

Bottle Security

Designed to bring security, ease of use, and aesthetics to the forefront. Solution for nearly... View product


Create attractive visual displays with the confidence that your merchandise is protected well View product