Evolve E10

The E10 2.0 allows retailers to feature an antenna solution that blends well with store aesthetics and offers additional opportunities for store advertising. Available as RF only, RF/RFID dual technology and RFID only, the E10 2.0 supports Checkpoint’s unique One Tag™ approach, using a single RFID tag for inventory visibility and loss prevention; protecting the retailer’s investment by supporting a simple migration from traditional EAS to RFID.

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Retailers continue to seek solutions that combine both inventory control and loss prevention to optimize operations and customer experience whilst complimenting the stores’ aesthetics.

Designed to be flexible around the dynamic needs of the retail industry, the E10 2.0 offers practical migration of EAS and RFID. With a diverse range of design options, plus integrated visitor counting and connection to Checkpoint’s data analytic app – EVOLVE-StoreTM, the E10 delivers an attractive, data centric solution for complete visibility of your stores.

With almost infinite design options thanks to the easily accessible ad panels, the E10 allows for retailers to create an antenna which blends with store aesthetics and branding, accommodating both printed paper formats or high impact fabric covers in any design/message, ensuring that store entrances are inviting and engaging for potential customers. Available as RF only, RF/RFID dual technology and RFID only, the E10 2.0 protects your investment by supporting the migration from traditional EAS to RFID as and when you are ready.

  • RF and/or RFID technology – flexible adoption of RFID technology
  • Almost infinite design options for your store requirements
  • Integrated visitor counting enables shopper traffic analysis
  • Evolve-store ready data analytics and store compliance monitoring
  • ORC jammer detection – detects illegal jammer devices
  • DUAL RF & RFID technology
  • Wirama RadarTM (ask for more details)
  • TCP/IP network connectivity
  • Visiplus overhead counter integration
  • Integrated visitor counting
  • Data reporting services available
  • Remote service capability
  • Advertising options available: paper inserts & printed fabric