Evolve S10

Highly Effective… Yet Discreet Protection

The EVOLVE S10 combines maximum detection and reliability with a slimline design built to withstand the toughest environments. Ideal for high risk areas with no traditional footprint to fit EAS gates.

The EVOLVE S10 is a high-performance EAS antenna that blends seamlessly into your store, offering discreet yet highly effective protection against theft. Wall or doorway mounted, the S10 also benefits from full system connectivity for remote servicing and consolidated management reporting.

Ask about Evolve S10

  • Ideal for stores with limited space, especially entry/exits to:
      • Wash rooms
      • Staff entry/exits
      • Fitting rooms
  • Mountable onto virtually any entrance or exit frame
  • Visitor counting integration – S10 VisiPlus sensor supports smart alarm management
  • Remote connectivity – seamless management reporting
  • Dual frequency
  • TCP/IP network connectivity
  • Visiplus people counter integration (optional)
  • Visiplus overhead counter integration (optional)
  • Data reporting services available
  • Smart alarm management
  • Eco energy savings