Milestone video management software

Milestone is the global leader in IP video management. Milestone’s video management software gives you full control of your video surveillance system, allowing you to integrate Milestone’s broad selection of add-ons as well as supported hardware and third-party applications.

The XProtect platform delivers powerful surveillance that is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations around the world. With support for the widest choice in network hardware and integration with other systems, XProtect provides best-in-class solutions to video enable organizations – managing risks, protecting people and assets, optimizing processes and reducing costs. XProtect is easy to use, yet powerful software that is designed with open architecture. This means that all XProtect products are compatible with more IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders than any other VMS manufacturer, giving you the freedom to mix and match hardware to fit your needs and budget.

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XProtect Essential+ is a free full-featured version of Milestone’s market-leading video management software (VMS). With support for eight cameras, XProtect Essential+ is the perfect match for the small business owner who wants video surveillance to protect employees and assets. You can integrate other systems and applications with your surveillance, and you can access your system from any Internet-enabled device. If you want to expand your system with additional features and functionality, you can always look into our more advanced products and find a solution that best suits your needs.

Access your video from anywhere

  • With XProtect Essential+, you can access your video at home, at work or while you’re on-the-go.
  • View your video on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • And did we mention the viewing clients are available in 30 languages?

Find the video you need, when you need it

  • Find specific recordings using an intuitive and simple video timeline
  • Quickly locate cameras relevant to an investigation with the interactive map function
  • Only record relevant video with built-in motion detection

Sharing video is a cinch

  • Choose any format: Export video as JPEG images, MKV, AVI and the native database format
  • Choose any medium: Easily export and share video via a media player, email or MMS
  • Choose to make it secure: Ensure your evidence stays private by password protecting database exports

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Video enable transactions

Discover the benefits of pairing video with transaction information.

What is XProtect Transact?

XProtect Transact is an add-on product for most of our XProtect VMS and Milestone Husky NVRs that matches individual transaction events with corresponding video. XProtect Transact extracts transactional data from point-of-sale (POS), barcode scanning systems and other data systems, and pairs that data with video from the time of the transaction.

Why should I video-enable my transactions?

Pairing video with transaction information is a powerful tool for those working in the retail or shipping industry. It also has applications for the financial sector as well. By video-enabling your transactions, you can:

  • Investigate suspected fraudulent activity
  • Address product shrinkage
  • Document shipments and track parcels

How can I use XProtect Transact?

XProtect Transact is a fully integrated part of the XProtect Smart Client . Through a single interface, you can control your cameras and other security system hardware, and combine the video information with your transaction data. This not only creates a more efficient administrative workflow, it also enables you to:

  • Monitor point-of-sale terminals and cash registers in real-time
  • Search for a specific transaction and the corresponding video of the transaction
  • Set up notifications each time a specific item is scanned
  • Generate reports on transactions, including transaction data and video thumbnails, for documentation purposes


Transaction analysis

XProtect Retail is an investigation tool to optimize store operations and increase profit by identifying fraud and reducing shrinkage.

XProtect Retail is an investigation tool for performing advanced transaction data analysis. It helps retailers optimize store operations and increase profit by identifying fraud and reducing shrinkage.

Based on transaction data from point-of-sale (POS) systems or automated teller machines (ATMs) typically gathered in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs), XProtect Retail links data with corresponding video from relevant cameras. Advanced search options, full video documentation and a set of pre-defined performance indicators make it easy to maintain a complete overview of store operations, cash registers/tills and employees so retailers can protect the entire business and customers.

XProtect Retail key features

POS and ERP systems

How can I more efficiently monitor video cameras and receipts to identify fraud?

Using XProtect Retail, video sequences can be linked with receipt and transaction data gathered from the POS system, ERP system or ATMs. XProtect Retail helps reduce fraud by identifying and sending alerts about suspicious activity such as misuse of gift cards, discounts and refunds or blacklisted credit cards.


Did the customer scan and pay for every item?

Self-scanning is becoming increasingly popular. With XProtect Retail you can view transaction data alongside corresponding video of the transaction together in the software. Incidents can be efficiently tracked and video data can be exported and handed over to the proper authorities.

Discovery of fraud patterns

Was a transaction an error or a pattern of fraud?

With XProtect Retail, users can search transaction and video data from specific cash registers/tills to see if an incident was an anomaly, frequently repeated or even an attempt at systematic fraud.