Real-time in store occupancy solution “Smart Occupancy”

Checkpoint’s SmartOccupancy solution gives you real-time visibility of the occupancy levels in your retail environment. Store managers can set and change threshold levels via the online portal.

For stores with high shrink rates, the solution can help managers deploy staff efficiently, combating risk and deterring theft more effectively.

For stores with an occupancy limit, SmartOccupancy helps store associates or security guards view in real-time the number
of shoppers currently in the store.

With real-time visibility of the occupancy levels in store, SmartOccupancy helps Store Managers make decisions with live data. The dashboard with color warning indicates where there is about to be a breach in the threshold, while real-time alerts are sent to staff to prompt action. Trend analysis in the cloud helps Regional Managers analyze daily/weekly number of customers across all stores, monitor store compliance and amend threshold limits.

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• MANAGES MULTIPLE COUNTING: The sensor can count separately how many people entered and exited from each of the store’s doors.

• CALCULATES TOTAL FROM MULTIPLE ZONES : The solution gives a clear view of multiple thresholds with the overall store total included.

• RECOGNIZES U-TURNS MOVEMENTS: if a customer enters, then exits the store immediately, reducing false counts.

• PRECISE COUNTING IN CROWDED AREAS: other technologies lose the accuracy in crowded areas. Our SmartOccupancy solution keeps high accuracy in crowded areas.