RF labels for general merchandise

Our range of RF labels for general merchandise can be applied at source or at store. As with our other labels manufactured by Checkpoint, you can be sure that you are getting the best performing label on the market.

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(40mm round)

Part of our ECON range, the 40R label offers Checkpoint quality performance at a low cost. Complete with our trademarked black lock logo this is a very popular label for in store tagging and other hand apply processes.

2933 Black Lock

(33mm round)

The 2933 is the first of our labels to be offered with the trademarked black lock logo, proven to deter theft, reduce shrink, improve on shelf availability and increase sales, in conjunction with a visible tagging program. The clear label format provides aesthetically pleasing protection without brand degradation and is suitable for high speed @Source Integration.

410 HA

(40mm x 40mm)

Produced in the industry standard 4×4 format the hugely versatile 410HA label can be used across a wide variety of products and applications. Primarily for applying by hand retailers and vendors can utilize this label @source, in distribution centers and when tagging products in store, and be confident their goods are protected.