Scan&Go solution

Scan&Go format is growing in popularity for unmanned checkout.

Partner Tech presents a Scan&Go option, which requires no additional software or hardware – a customer can scan products with his own mobile device. It is a cost-efficient alternative to smart shopping carts or handheld product scanners. This option does not even require the user to register or download a mobile app – scan a QR code at the store entrance, scan and place items in your shopping cart, pay at the checkout area – and Go!

Scan&Go operates in the Partner Tech self-checkout ecosystem. It is included with Partner Tech self-checkout registers. The retailer does not need to add any additional software or hardware for Scan&Go – it works ‘out-of-the-box’.

Ask about Scan&Go solution

  • Scan&Go is included with Partner Tech self-checkout registers
  • No additional software or hardware required by the retailer
  • Works with customer mobile device (Bring Your Own Device)
  • No app download or registration required for the end-user

Partner Tech Scan&Go solution offers an additional customer self-checkout scenario without any additional investment.