Checkpoint Systems and Partner Tech join forces to provide a next generation RFID SCO solution to the market

Checkpoint Systems has joined forces with POS solutions manufacturer, Partner Tech Europe, to develop the next generation of Self-Service Checkouts (SCOs) to enhance customer convenience and in-store security.

Fashion RFID SCO features Checkpoint’s RFID technology integrated into Partner Tech Europe’s market-leading POS terminal. The solution will allow shoppers to place their garments directly in the kiosk and will automatically identify the RFID tags, determining whether the garment has been paid for or not. The new solution will create a frictionless retail environment that enables customers to check out quickly, while providing exceptional loss prevention.

Fashion RFID SCO will also allow apparel retailers to tackle many of the challenges they currently face in self-service checkout areas:

  • Detecting theft
  • The identification of multi-packs, multiple items, non-barcoded items, non-readable QR codes
  • The inconvenience caused by technical issues.

How does the RFID Self-Service Checkout solution work?

The intelligent solution will deactivate soft tags when a payment has been verified, reducing false alarms and improving loss prevention. With the shopper simply placing items into an area on the checkout desk, barcode scanning issues are also instantly removed, speeding up the payment process and enhancing the customer’s shopping experience.

The new RFID-based SCO will also provide a wealth of accurate data about individual purchases, that, when combined with inventory information, can help stores replenish merchandise quicker and reduce the number of out-of-stock scenarios. A study from Auburn University have proven that implementing RFID and increasing stock accuracy levels to above 93% can in turn, increase sales by 9%.

Checkpoint Systems and Partner Tech, the perfect duo for an RFID SCO solution

Commenting on the partnership, Patrice Bahuaud, Strategic Partnership Director Global, from Checkpoint Systems said: “Over time, SCOs have become an important part of improving customer experience, yet retailers have not always been able to guarantee security in their bid to provide a seamless, low-hassle payment experience for customers. Fortunately, thanks to the integration of our RFID systems, retailers can be safe in the knowledge that both are being met, and enjoy all the benefits of a secure checkout, such as saving shop space, increased sales and freeing up employee time to spend on other jobs.”

Denis Christesen, Managing Director of Partner Tech, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “As POS focused company, we recognize the growing importance of SCOs in elevating customer experiences. Retailers have faced challenges in balancing security with a seamless and hassle-free payment experience. Our collaboration with Checkpoint Systems enables the integration of RFID systems into our POS solutions, effectively addressing both concerns. This partnership empowers retailers to enjoy the advantages of a secure checkout, such as optimizing shop space, boosting sales, and allowing employees to focus on other essential tasks.”

Other Partner Tech solutions include Alfred, a compact and modular self-checkout for multiple retail segments which includes an ‘all in one’ touch POS, intelligent three-light and video camera, Ace self-checkout for grocery and general retail with advanced security and frictionless shopping features and Bora Bora, the futuristic SCO developed in 2022, which includes holographic touch, as well as integrating all the traditional components such as a scanner, printer and payment terminal.

The Fashion RFID SCO will be available in a range of sizes and colours, enabling stores to tailor the solution to the design of their stores. The solution is available immediately.