Neto Baltic Partners with Zebra Technologies in the Baltic States

Neto Baltic became an official Zebra Technologies partner in the Baltic states. The company will offer a full Zebra product portfolio: from mobile computers and industrial printers, to RFID and other smart solutions. The partnership builds upon Neto Baltic strategy to offer more valuable solutions to its growing list of industry clients for a competitive price.

“Neto Baltic leads the market in retail security solutions. This year we are expanding the range of company services. We aim to provide our customers with all business-critical products and services – with an expert consultation regarding their integration and at a competitive price. Partnership with Zebra Technologies will allow us to offer solutions that are leaders in their specialized categories”  – says CEO of Neto Baltic Rokas Budvilaitis.

Zebra Technologies Corporation was founded in 1969 in the US. Today the company offers solutions to retail, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality and many more industry verticals. Zebra products are available in more than 100 countries around the world. The company employs 9.800 workers. Over the course of its history Zebra Technologies has filed more than 5.000 patents.

For the clients in the Baltic region Neto Baltic will offer the full portfolio of Zebra products and solutions.

According to Mr Budvilaitis, mobile computers are one of the fastest growing product categories in the region. Dedicated mobile computers are built to withstand harsh environments – serving workers outside, in the warehouse or at the loading dock. With such features as a built-in RFID or a barcode reader, employees can not only perform inventory audit tasks – with wireless or cellular connectivity they can also make ‘here and now’ decisions in the field, which are effortlessly relayed to the central ERP or CRM of the company.

Zebra offers a wide range of mobile computers – from premium to entry-level products, which are similarly priced to simple entry-level smartphones.

Neto Baltic will also offer the full scope of Zebra RFID solutions. Zebra offers one of the richest ecosystems for RFID: handheld and stationary readers, RFID antennas, specialized RFID printers

“More and more companies are turning to RFID to make their supply chain resilient and more efficient. RFID offers quick return on investment – usually, the investment pays for itself in the first two years after deployment” – adds Rokas Budvilaitis.

Earlier this year Neto Baltic announced a partnership with Partner Tech – a leading developer and manufacturer of POS Solutions, POS periphals, mobile solutions, kiosk terminals and self-checkout. In partnership with RetailForce, Swissbit and JB Fiscal, Neto Baltic also launched a smart fiscal software suite iFiscal.