EAS antennas

Checkpoint’s world leaders range of RF and RFID Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems have been designed to meet retailers’ product protection, operational and store environment needs.
New technology and connectivity dramatically expand the application of EAS antennas and opens new opportunities for retail stores.

Checkpoint’s visible detection systems can work to deter theft before a potential thief enters a retailer’s store, helping to increase their merchandise availability and providing the best possible experience for retail shoppers.


Invisible design, excellent detection - that's a great way to summarize the new NEO NS45... View product

NEO NS40/42

Many grocery retail customers are looking to minimize the visual impact of EAS antennas to... View product

Neo NP12/22

Take your store's protection to the next level with Neo 2.0 series NP12 and NP22... View product


For when brand image and customer experience are everything, challenge tradition. View product

RFID Overhead Antenna

Overhead 2.0 serves as an EAS system that alarms and identifies stolen merchandise, improving operations... View product

Evolve G35

Part of the EVOLVE iRange family, the EVOLVE iRange G35 will fit perfectly into any... View product

Evolve S10

Highly Effective... Yet Discreet Protection View product

EVOLVE™ P10/20

This popular design fits into most retail environments, helping your stores deter, detect and displace... View product

UF-1 RFID Underfloor Antenna

Checkpoint’s UF-1 is uniquely positioned to advance floor based RFID EAS system performance to the... View product

Evolve E10

Enhance the shopper experience View product

Evolve P30

The P30 is part of Checkpoint Systems’ EVOLVE iRange which allows for connection to remote... View product