The invisible EAS solution for grocery retailers is now available

Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in source to shopper solutions, has unveiled a new concept ‘flat’ EAS solution, the EVOLVE C10, designed to deliver unobtrusive in-lane product protection.

Grocery retailers and supermarkets around the world are continuing to invest in EAS systems for loss prevention. With 78% of consumers confirming that an enjoyable in-store experience is a key factor in choosing physical stores over e-commerce, creating a visually appealing and seamless retail experience is of utmost importance to retailers in today’s competitive landscape.

The C10 offers retailers the ability to create a checkout area that is uncluttered, achieving an open and inviting environment without comprising loss prevention strategies.

Designed predominantly for grocery retailers, the ultra-thin, flat RF EAS solution allows for flexible installation, either ‘hidden’ into the checkout desk itself or mounted discreetly onto a wall.

Its integrated and invisible design takes up no floor space and has minimal or no visual impact on store design. For cashdesk installations, a simple LED can be installed near the cashier to flag potential security risks, while an adjustable buzzer is also available, enabling early detection and reducing customer embarrassment at the point of exit.

The external mounted slimline option of the C10, at just 10mm thick, is available where an internal installation is not possible or where it must be mounted to a wall, for example at exits or by washrooms, providing additional flexibility while maintaining the same discreet design.

Alarm notifications can be sent directly to Checkpoint’s mobile app in real-time for rapid response from staff. Additionally, connectivity delivers historic trend data via the SaaS Cloud service, providing retailers with a rich source of activity data to improve shrinkage results and help monitor store associate and guarding system interactions, while also providing proactive maintenance support, with over 50% of technical issues resolved remotely.