The risk of pandemic reduced by thermal imaging cameras in „Mantinga“

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and take care of health and safety of its employees, the manufacturer of bread and frozen products „Mantinga“ has installed a remote human body temperature measurement system, which allows detecting feverish employees in a distance. The first thermal imaging camera, installed in one of the company’s three factories, replaced the previously used hand-held thermometer guns.

“In our company around 200 employees work in one factory shift, therefore, when measuring the temperature of employees with a manual thermometer gun, access to the workplace was delayed and not efficient enough,”- says Saulius Augustinavičius, Head of the Safety and Health Service of „Mantinga“.

With the installation of the remote temperature measurement system last week, the company soon noticed that the process of temperature screening has significantly accelerated and is much more efficient.

The new system detects multiple people at the same time in less than a second and generates an alert when someone with a fever walks by it, prompting staff to carry out secondary checks.

The company considers using the new system not only for the prevention of the currently spreading coronavirus, but also during the flu epidemic.

“The company takes responsibility for the safety and health of its employees, therefore preventive measures are considered to be applied not only during a pandemic. Looking to the future, we believe this solution will also help to cope with the flu epidemic every year,” – adds Saulius Augustinavičius.