Neto Baltic brings Checkpoint’s ItemOptix RFID product to retailers in the Baltic market

Retail technology and security solutions provider Neto Baltic has signed an agreement to distribute ItemOptix for Retail, the next generation RFID inventory management software by Checkpoint Systems. The agreement makes the deployment of the latest RFID inventory management software within the reach of retailers in the Baltic region. Neto Baltic will assist retailers at every step of the deployment journey, from initial project planning, to final deployments in the retailers’ stores.

“We are proud of our long term partnership with Checkpoint Systems, which brings the best-in-class RF and RFID solutions to retailers in the Baltic region. RFID is the next chapter in optimizing the performance of stores. Perfecting inventory management has a very direct effect on the retailer’s bottom line, reducing manual labor, enabling omnichannel commerce and improving overall customer experience”, says CEO of Neto Baltic Rokas Budvilaitis.

ItemOptix for retail is an out-of-the-box solution that enables retailers to improve their stock accuracy, handle goods faster and accelerate stock movement, ultimately leading to increased sales and a better overall consumer experience.

Inspired by consumer-facing apps, the ItemOptix Mobile UX app is designed to offer a simple and minimalist interface to focus users’ attention and avoid any confusion. It displays a set of focused reports that give retail managers the visibility they need to improve store performance.

The software also includes self-service features to support faster onboarding and ongoing system management, as well as industry-standard REST APIs that enable fast and simple integration, making it easy-to-deploy and offering users greater control over inventory and how it is managed. This means RFID inventory data can be seamlessly integrated into in-house reporting suites, allowing for more extensive analysis while reducing onboarding costs and training requirements. This frees up store staff to focus on customers and ultimately, increases sales.

ItemOptix for Retail has also been built with flexibility in mind, meaning retail operators can transform the look of their interface, customise the capabilities and/or consume whatever information they require from the comfort of their own mobile device, making it the most adaptable RFID solution available, as David Ivins, Channel Partner Director, RFID Software at Checkpoint Systems explains:

“ItemOptix for Retail is a gamechanger when it comes to transforming operations and finally giving retailers full visibility of every step of their product’s journey. It is genuinely easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-adapt, meaning inventory data can be seamlessly integrated, ultimately helping to improve the bottom line, increase efficiency and drive profits.”

In addition to utilising the ItemOptix for Retail app, it is also possible for users to leverage Checkpoint’s RFID back-end software platform to build their own inventor management solution. If preferred, store operators can export all the RFID data from the Checkpoint system into their own repository to build individual reporting applications, providing all the necessary building blocks required to run a successful RFID operation.